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Customs clearance service
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Our corporate maintains good communication with relevant government agencies such as Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai and other major domestic ports, and provides professional field declaration and inspection inspection services for customers.
Based on the experience of multi-year customs clearance logistics operation and advanced customs declaration information platform, Global Service Logistics has built a professional service team, providing comprehensive customs clearance services for import and export customers at all ports of the country, including order processing and delivery of goods to the door (port). Customs (airport ports) import and export customs clearance and customs clearance supervision and transportation, customs clearance information system solutions, etc., make every effort to ensure the efficiency of customs clearance.
With regard to clearance, we can provide you with the following services:

Professional pre-classification and other relevant professional advice

Customs declaration and quarantine inspection for import and export agents

Turning off operation

Supervision Document Consultation and Handling

Quarantine Fumigation Treatment

Tax-Exempt Application

Goldman sachs international logistics cover city: Shanghai Beijing, tianjin, shenzhen, guangzhou, Qingdao, dalian, xiamen, nanjing, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, New York Hamburg,Yantai, Moscow. Supervise the phone:0531-88026891
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