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Rail transit
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With the rapid development of the global economy and the improvement of the modernization level, rail transit plays a more and more important role in the world's public transport system. The rail transit industry of our country also plays a very important role in the international rail transit industry under the leadership of the Ministry of Railways.
We are accompanied by the growth and development of the domestic rail transit enterprises, providing strong main force for the overseas market, and creating great achievements in this year, including the Australian Railway Rolling Stock Project, the European Locomotive Project and so on.
Australia Project, Coal Funnel Vehicle, August 2011-February 2012, Shanghai-Australia

Angola Project, Railway Vehicle, March 2012-December 2012, Dalian-Angola

Belarus Project, 12"Medium White Freight Type 1" Wide rail AC transmission electric locomotive without fire self-wheel transportation, March 2012

The car is the factory photo of the locomotive, and the right picture shows the locomotive out of the factory photo.

The following figure shows the operation of the locomotive on the rail-to-rail bogie and the wide-rail bogie in the Alashankou reservoir.

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