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Bonded storage:
Customs Special Regulatory Area (BLP/BLC/FTZ) Bonded Warehouse,"One day tour of the park" without the adoption of overseas third countries," State goods complex import"(d)
The export procurement division center (DC) can realize the logistics value-added services such as export entry area tax refund, domestic purchase, logistics park collection, sorting, labeling and simple processing.
The vendor management inventory (Inventory) professional warehouse experience, with advanced warehouse management system (WMS) and advanced trade coordinate software (TCS), realizes enterprise ERP data interface with customs declaration data, and improves the response time of supply chain.
Logistics, capital flow path design, optimization, settlement of tax rate, three-way trade, trade of trade products, write-off of over-period manual, etc.

Goldman sachs international logistics cover city: Shanghai Beijing, tianjin, shenzhen, guangzhou, Qingdao, dalian, xiamen, nanjing, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, New York Hamburg,Yantai, Moscow. Supervise the phone:0531-88026891
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