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Address:Room 509, Rungheng Building, No. 87, Shizhong District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, Chin
service hotline:13305318229 
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Global Service Logistics Co., Ltd. is a first-level international freight forwarder approved by the General Administration of Customs. With powerful system platform, professional operation team, Global Service Logistics can provide international maritime agency business, international air freight agency business, international express; Import distribution, customs declaration and commodity inspection, trade agency, railway transportation, big bulk transportation, bonded logistics, warehouse escrow, packing, sorting, city distribution and other products services. The company is facing small and medium-sized enterprises and is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and reliable integrated logistics services. While providing logistics services for customers, we are more concerned at creating value for our customers in this process, and we uphold the perfect and technical excellence that we have made unremitting efforts to pursue the service, thus helping our customers increase productivity and improve the competitiveness of the market. All employees of the company insist on "Achievement customers, we need to change" The purpose of the enterprise, full-heart, full and full-time service concept, 7 days 24 hours provide service to the customer.

Goldman sachs international logistics cover city: Shanghai Beijing, tianjin, shenzhen, guangzhou, Qingdao, dalian, xiamen, nanjing, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York, New York Hamburg,Yantai, Moscow. Supervise the phone:0531-88026891
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