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Corporate culture
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Corporate culture:
Establish an ideal working environment to ensure that the team is performing excellence to meet the challenges in the industry and has been a Global Service Logistics
It's a top priority. In the face of the current global transformation into the knowledge-based economy system, we must continue to cultivate
Talent, and professional development for staff. In the macro term, we focus on the overall well-being of the staff and provide opportunities,
Let them do their best. Care for employees and family talent is the key to our success. Global Service's Logistics in Employment Policy and
In practice, the elements of the family are injected, care about employees and their families, and pay attention to employee welfare and professional development.
 Setting up corporate responsibility culture.
Personally, we believe a warm and full-blown working environment is a powerful platform for attracting and cultivating talent,
Increase staff performance and encourage them to give full play to expertise and potential, improve productivity, and inspire its creative and multidimensional thinking.
Social Responsibility
Environmental protection and environmental protection and continuous improvement of environment are one of the top priorities of Global Service Sachs. as a result,
We are committed to developing and implementing environmental management systems. The system can prevent pollution and protect natural resources, and comply with environmental regulations and legislation, and establish the highest standards.
Each employee and contractor must follow the relevant policies and expect all members of the team to work closely together and through the following principles reach an environmental goal:
Continuous and effective improvement of environmental performance
Comply with all applicable environmental regulations and strive to reach a higher level within a viable range
Meet all environmental requirements stipulated by the Company
Promoting environmental policies and practices in day-to-day business operations
Cherish the resources and achieve the highest energy efficiency
Minimizing waste materials wherever feasible
Proper recycling of wastes and monitoring of disposal and disposal of waste residues
Reduce and prevent pollution wherever possible
Minimizing emissions from vehicles
Minimize the impact of operational assets and their disposal waste on the environment
Improve the environmental awareness of colleagues and subcontractors
Promote good environmental protection practices at each department and individual level of the company
Effective reporting of the company's environmental performance to stakeholders
Return society
In return for society to create a better social environment as an enterprise, we are actively undertaking social responsibility and participating in social activities to provide a better social environment for the public and to be proud of it. For many years, Global Service has contributed to different social charity groups section, and encourages employees to care for the community required.
We actively and directly participate in community affairs and try to create positive and positive impacts for communities in need and for them assistance to development.

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