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Implementation principles of performance management
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Clear goals. The purpose of performance appraisal for employees is to enable employees to achieve their goals and requirements, so the goal must be clear. What you want, check what the staff is.
Quantitative management standards. The standard of assessment must be objective. Quantification is the most objective way of expression. Many times, the performance appraisal of enterprises can't be put into practice and become a mere formality, because the standards are too vague, and the requirements are not quantified.
A good professionalism. The implementation of performance appraisal requires enterprises to have corresponding cultural details and require employees to have certain professional qualities. In fact, excellent employees are not afraid of assessment, or even welcome assessment.
It is linked to interest and promotion. The performance appraisal which is not linked to the salary is meaningless, and the assessment must be linked with the benefits and salary, which can cause the enterprise to pay attention to and seriously treat it from the top to the bottom.
It is controlled and realized. Performance appraisal is a management behavior of enterprises. It is a way for enterprises to express their requirements, and its process must be controlled by enterprises.
The principle of "three heavy and one light" principle of performance assessment only permeates every link of daily work in order to make the real effect, so we should follow the following principle of "three heavy and one light".
1) heavy accumulation: the usual bits and pieces are the basis for assessment.
2) heavy results: small and large achievements can make employees see progress and advance.
3) heavy aging: designated a fixed time assessment, often can not remember what happened. Examination should be based on what happened at the moment, rather than after a long time.
4) lightweight and fast: complex performance appraisal methods, which require professional guidance, can achieve a predetermined effect. Aiming at not complicated SMEs, this goal focuses on providing and accumulating assessment materials for managers in a lightweight way.
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