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Performance management and incentive mechanism
Source:http://www1.gaosheng56.com/ Date:2018-04-08publisher:admin
In the performance management model, the incentive effect plays a very important role, and the incentive effect depends on the product of the target titer and the expected value. Target validity refers to the extent to which the incentive to the individual is achieved by the goal, or the extent to which the target is not punished for the individual; the expectation value refers to the possibility that the individual achieves the goal and the possibility that the organization promises to honor the reward or punishment. Only these two aspects are very large and the expected value is high enough. The following aspects are very critical here.
First, the content of motivation and the way of motivation should be appropriate.
Second. The goal of employee performance should be reasonable and feasible.
Third, managers should pay attention to maintaining organizational credit
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