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The basic principles of motivation
Source:http://www1.gaosheng56.com/ Date:2018-04-08publisher:admin
1, the principle of goal combination
In the incentive mechanism, setting goals is a key link. Goal setting must reflect both organizational goals and requirements of employees.
2, the principle of combination of material and spiritual incentives
Material incentive is the foundation, and spiritual motivation is fundamental. On the basis of the combination of them, we should gradually transition to spiritual encouragement.
3, guiding principle
External incentive measures can only be achieved if they are converted to the conscious will of the motivated person. Therefore, the guiding principle is the inherent requirement of the incentive process.
4, the principle of rationality
The principle of reasonableness includes two meanings: first, the incentive measures should be moderate. According to the value of the target itself, we should determine the appropriate incentive volume; secondly, reward and punishment should be fair.
5. The principle of clarity
The principle of clarity of incentives includes three meanings: first, it is clear. The purpose of motivation is what needs to be done and how to do it. Secondly, it is open. In particular, it is even more important to allocate lots of bonus and a lot of employees' concerns. Third, intuitionistic. When implementing material reward and spiritual reward, they need to express their indicators intuitively, summarize and award the way of reward and punishment. Intuition is directly proportional to the psychological effect of incentive effect.
6, the principle of timeliness
To grasp the opportunity of encouragement "timely assistance" and "give an untimely help" effect is not the same. The more timely motivation, the more conducive to push people's passion to the climax, so that their creativity can be continuously and effectively played out.
7, the principle of combining positive and negative incentives
The so-called positive motivation is to reward employees' expectations of meeting organizational goals. The so-called negative incentive is to punish employees for their undesirable behaviors contrary to organizational goals. Positive and negative incentives are necessary and effective, not only acting on the parties, but also indirectly affecting other people around.
8. The principle of demand incentive
The starting point of motivation is to meet the needs of the staff, but the needs of the staff vary from time to time, and the only measures to meet the most urgent needs are the high price, and the intensity of the incentive is great. Therefore, leaders must conduct in-depth investigation and research, constantly understand the changing trends of staff needs and needs structure, and take incentive measures aiming at the actual results.
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