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Performance management several typical patterns.
Source:http://www1.gaosheng56.com/ Date:2018-04-11publisher:admin
1. "virtue and diligence" style.
"DeNengQinJi" aspects of assessment has a very long history, was once the state-owned enterprises and institutions, widely used in the year-end assessment at present there are still many enterprises still exists in this line of thinking.
The essential characteristic of "virtue and diligence" is that the performance evaluation index is relatively less than the "virtue", "energy" and "diligence". In most cases, the core elements of the assessment indicators are not well-prepared, and there is no evaluation standard, let alone set performance goals. This article borrows the concept of "virtue and diligence", which is because the essence of such assessment is the key performance assessment index without "clear definition, accurate measurement and evaluation". According to the work performance test of the law enforcement supervisor from a municipal tobacco monopoly bureau (company), it can be seen that there is no evaluation criterion for any of the indicators, and the appraiser has no basis for evaluation.
In addition to the above typical features, the "virtue performance" style often has the following characteristics:
Many enterprises are the initial attempt of performance management, and performance management focuses on performance appraisal.
Without the concept of department assessment, the assessment of the department head is equivalent to the assessment of the department. There is no clear distinction between the department assessment and the department head assessment;
The assessment content is more like a description of the job requirements, which are generally derived from the values, rules and regulations and job responsibilities advocated by the company;
The performance appraisal index is relatively simple and extensive, and most of the assessment indicators can be applied to the same level of posts and even apply to all posts, without the key performance assessment indicators.
Performance appraisal cannot achieve the strategic goal orientation of performance management.
For the development of the fledgling enterprises, based management level is not high, usually don't have much experience working performance management, in this case, the "DeNengQinJi" performance management has its positive role. In this way, we should strengthen the level of basic work management, strengthen the sense of responsibility of employees, and urge employees to finish the job in a positive way. But "DeNengQinJi" performance management, performance management is a simple extensive effect on organization and individual performance improvement is limited, although seemingly easy to operate, conceptions in fact performance appraisal process. Enterprise development, with the improvement of management level, the company foundation the company performance management to put forward higher requirements, fine and science "DeNengQinJi" performance management is not conform to the enterprise actual situation.
2. "check and compare" type.
Domestic current performance management practice "inspection comparison" type was more common, and adopts the model of the performance management of the company normally basic management level is relatively high, the strategies of the company leadership to the performance management work more seriously, performance management has carried on the preliminary exploration of practice, has accumulated some experience and lessons, but the understanding of performance management in some problems still exist, the fairness of performance management goal, incentive cannot give full play to, performance management strategic guiding role can not be achieved.
The typical characteristics of "inspection and evaluation" are: the job requirements and standards are listed in detail according to the job responsibilities and workflow, and the number of assessment items is numerous, and the weight of single index is very small. Most of the evaluation criteria are the deduction items, and there are few additional items. There are a lot of assessment items, and the source of assessment information is an important problem. Except for the individual quantitative indicators, most of the information of the assessment indicators comes from the spot check. In most cases, the company consists of a research group, which will conduct supervision and inspection of the subordinate units one by one, and the taste of inspection and evaluation will not reflect the assessment of the key performance.
"Inspection comparison" type evaluation to improve the work efficiency and quality, there is a big role of irregular inspection, assessment through regular employees will feel pressure, will naturally in job requirements and standard try our best to do according to company requirements, to improve the business capability and management level has its positive significance.
This kind of mode of assessment, there are two major defects: one is not valid performance appraisal results, that is to say, the inspection result is not good for the largest contribution to the organization, low level of performance assessment result is bad, not such natural restricts the fair goal and the implementation of incentive; Secondly, due to the large number of assessment projects, lack of focus, and the failure to achieve the guiding role of performance management, employees will feel lack of development goals and direction and lack of sense of achievement.
There are several reasons for the lack of effectiveness and the failure to achieve strategic guidance:
First, because many assessment project employees feel organization development direction and what is the desired behavior, and because each index were weighted is small, so even very important indicators, employees will not be too care about;
Second, in the implementation of the assessment operation, inspection is generally adopted. To check the problems discovered in selectiving examination, be assessed often do not find reasons from their own work itself, and tend to think their bad luck and insist that others evaluation result is good, because others problems of luck has not been found, be assessed from the heart will not accept this kind of assessment results;
Third, the examinee's understanding and understanding of the work of the examinator are often biased, which leads to the "unconscious error" of performance appraisal; Also assessed straight superiors tend to not be assessed and does not have to be assessed performance, can lead to performance appraisal capriciousness, this will lead to performance appraisal "conscious error", these two cases can cause the fair justice of performance assessed in doubt.
3. "co-participation" type.
In performance management practice, "participation" type of performance management in state-owned enterprises and institutions are common, the groups characteristic is advocating team spirit, the company change the power shortage, the company leadership from stable development perspective, often don't want to take too much risk. There are three significant characteristics of "co-participation" performance management: one is that the performance evaluation index is relatively broad and lacks quantitative and hard indicators, which leaves plenty of leeway for the examiners. The second is to advocate 360 degree assessment, the superiors, the subordinates, the level and the ego should be evaluated, and the self-evaluation tends to have a relatively large weight; Thirdly, the performance appraisal results are not closely related to the salary distribution, and the performance appraisal work will not be strongly resisted by everyone.
"Participation" type performance management to improve the quality of work, for the formation of team spirit is a positive role, can sustain organization stable cooperation relations, constraint bad behavior of the individual, to urge people to complete their tasks to the team the completion of the whole work. In an organization where performance improvement is the primary goal, teamwork is the main feature of the organization. However, this kind of performance management has its scope of application. If it is used improperly, it can bring serious negative effects, which is mainly reflected in:
First, don't need too much most of the evaluation indexes of evaluation information, generally can be assessed according to their own impression scoring, likely random examination, people mutual affection is serious, it's easy to have a "conscious" error and the error of the "unconscious";
Second, in self evaluation occupies too much weight, is determined by human nature, in the case of personal interest, the individual's assessment of himself can't be fair and objective, "who" tend to be people who "really";
Thirdly, this kind of evaluation is not closely related to salary, and the incentive effect of compensation is limited.
The fourth, the surface harmonious atmosphere, actually is to the innovation ability strangulation, this is very deadly to the organization which the innovation request is high. Often the end result is that the most thoughtful and potential employees are either forced to leave the organization or become less creative.
4. Self-management.
"Self-management" type is one of the world first-class enterprise promoting style of management, the management concept of human nature is the basis of the assumption of "Y" theory: think employees view work as natural as rest and entertainment; If employees are committed to certain jobs, they will conduct self-directed and self-controlled tasks to accomplish tasks. In general, everyone is not only able to take responsibility, but also actively seeks to take responsibility; Most people have the ability to make the right decisions, not just managers.
"Self-management" is characterized by the fact that by setting inspiring goals, employees are responsible for achieving their own goals; The superior gives the subordinate adequate rights, and generally does not interfere with the subordinate's work. Few process control assessment, most attention to the end result; Advocating the idea of "the ability of the people to work", to pay full attention to the incentive effect on people, the performance appraisal result will also determine the promotion or demotion of the staff in addition to the salary link.
"Self-management" performance management incentive effect is stronger, can fully arouse the enthusiasm of people voluntarily, and can stimulate the relevant personnel try our best to meet the target, to improve the efficiency of the company is good, but this pattern is applicable conditions should be paid attention to, if you don't have suitable conditions, serious problems may occur and the consequences, can guarantee the realization of personal goals and organizational goals. "Self-management" performance management has the following characteristics:
First, as a result of "self-management" praise highly is "Y" theory of human nature assumption, in the case of Chinese society at present development level, if the lack of effective supervision and inspection, expect employees through self management for achieving personal goals sometimes it is not realistic. Because some employees can't restrain themselves effectively, they can't achieve their personal goals without strict management.
Second, lack of "self-management" performance management process control link, the situation is not timely monitoring, we have achieved the goal cannot discover the hidden trouble and danger, and found that the problem may already be too late, there is no room for back, so that could lead to significant damage to the organization;
Third, performance counseling implementation work is weak, superior leadership can not be timely guidance to be assessed for performance, also can't timely give a subordinate resources support, therefore performance management ascension space is limited;
Fourth, be assessed usually small collective consciousness is serious, do not stand in the company a global perspective, be assessed performance goals with organizational goals often do not agree, can guarantee the realization of corporate strategy development goals.
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