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Claim and part treatment
Source:http://www1.gaosheng56.com/ Date:2018-04-09publisher:admin
1, Because of the subjective factors of Global Service, the damage or loss of express is caused by negligence or negligence in operation, which is compensated by Global Service.
2. Losses caused by force majeure such as strike, war, natural calamity, flight delay or government action, or due to improper handling of express operation procedures by express agent, delay, damage or loss caused by incorrect or untimely information of the address and invoice provided by the customer, or because the receiving company does not cooperate with the customs clearance. Customs clearance or delayed customs clearance and customs confiscation are not allowed.
3. The compensation for the loss or damage to the express is made in accordance with the provisions of the Warsaw convention. The package express is compensated by the declaration of the customs declaration on the form invoice provided by the company, but the maximum amount of compensation per ticket is not more than 100 dollars.
4, Global Service does not undertake any joint and several losses caused by loss, damage or delay of express.
5, for the express claim, we should make a claim with Goldman's customer service department in written form with the fixed claim form provided by Goldman within the effective time. In excess of the period of claim, Global Service no longer accepts claims.
6. The express agent, after the express, asks Goldman to stop service in midway. It can be operated when Goldman does not deliver the express to the forwarding agent. If the express has already been handed over to the forwarding agent, it will not be guaranteed to suspend the service.
7. If the addressee is unwilling or unable to provide the customs clearance documents because the addressee is unwilling or unable to provide the customs clearance, if the sender asks for the return, the Goldman can arrange the refund, but the distributor must pay the refund. If an issuing company does not want to return, it will be automatically waived, and it will be destroyed by the destination national customs. However, the forwarding agent still has to pay the express freight. Return to the express of Global Service, if the express agent has no further instructions within one month, Goldman has the right to destroy the express, otherwise it will charge the dispatch agent to collect the rent.
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