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DHL express delivery instructions and additional charges, DHL matters needing at
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DHL express delivery instructions and additional charges, DHL notices, DHL shipping requirements, DHL shipment requirements.
1, the Ji'nan international express DHL channel quoted price is quoted in Renminbi, and does not contain fuel oil. The monthly fuel oil is based on the change of Wen Jie's network.
2, unlicensed mobile phones, add RMB3 yuan / platform, the minimum consumption RMB50 yuan / ticket, battery phone and battery charge.
3, can receive unlicensed battery, add RMB3 yuan /KG, minimum consumption RMB30 yuan / ticket.
4, remote toll collection standard: RMB3.6 yuan /KG, minimum consumption RMB180 yuan / ticket, need additional fuel. Within three months notice is effective.
5, textile are read on the invoice and receiving component re certification fee RMB35 yuan / ticket, valuables negotiable. The name of the quotation is marked at the time of delivery.
6, DHL goods single side length greater than or equal to 120CM or single billing weight greater than or equal to 70KG, expropriation of excessive size of the goods size or weight Overweight Surcharge: RMB200 yuan / ticket, and additional fuel surcharge.
7, separate customs declarations plus (RMB300 yuan / +RMB1 yuan /KG port fee), minimum RMB400 yuan / ticket declaration fees, valuables are discussed separately.
8., if the sealed wooden package and the wooden box are added in the surrounding fixed parts, the company seal must be enclosed, and each piece shall be charged at RMB150 yuan.
9, invoices request: delivery must provide the commercial invoice of the type triplet (including the name of the company, the name of the city, the postal code, the addressee and the telephone, etc.), so as to clear the customs of the port of destination.
10, operation requirements: the weight is more than 100KG/ or the length is more than 200CM, the height is not less than 10CM or the single piece is more than 69KG.
11. The freight is not included in the tax of invoice tax and destination tariff. If the recipient does not pay the tariff, whether the goods have been signed or not, it will be automatically changed to the sending party and charge RMB200 yuan / ticket.
12, one ticket and multiple pieces of goods are charged according to the maximum value added by real weight or volume. The calculation method of lumber is long cm X, wide cm X, high cm /5000=KG.
13. Problems such as breakage or loss of express, the consignee must complain to the destination within 48 hours after the receipt of the receipt, and the destination service provider will provide Reference Number after receiving the complaint. The agent shall make a claim against us with this Reference Number, otherwise it will not be accepted; the compensation method for the loss of goods: if the customer has not purchased the insurance, we shall pay the compensation according to the following methods: according to the value of the goods declared, the maximum compensation is the package USD100/ ticket. The claim must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the delivery of the goods, otherwise the agent will not claim the claim; the loss and breakage caused by the DHL network will not be claimed and shall be carried out with reference to the 13 regulations.
14, the non shipment items include imitation brand, pure battery, liquid, powder, food, fresh food, medicine, corrosive items, inflammable and explosive weapons and other prohibited products.
15, Hongkong DHL at present about the provisions of the destination from the destination: if the goods due to the recipient or the goods itself causes can not be cleared and sent out. And return to Hongkong tickets! No matter whether the destination DHL returns, there is no cost. Hongkong DHL will return the return freight to the sending party! Our company reserves the final interpretation right of the above quotation, and the expiration date is based on our company's notice.
Note: all possible additional charges will be valid within three months.
1., the price of 300KG in the US, please refer to the 301-500KG weight segment price.
The price of 2.12-15 area 300KG is referred to the weight section of 301-500KG.
3., if Paraguay is larger than or equal to 20KG, it can refer to the price of 21-30KG weight segment, and charge at a kilogram, such as 20.3kg=21*69.9=RMB1467.9. No deductible invoice is included in 8 points. If you need to open the ticket. Add 8 points.
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