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How do international express be handled by card or button?
Source:http://www1.gaosheng56.com/ Date:2018-04-09publisher:admin
Don't panic when you encounter such a problem. This is based on the circumstances at that time, because customs regulations in every country area are different. When the goods are deducted, the Customs Department will give you a description. The reason for the goods being deducted is that you must solve the problem according to the reason. Of course, the quickest way is to find a strength clearance agent company to solve the problem of customs clearance quickly.
There are the following reasons for customs clearance or no customs clearance.
1, the name of the commodity is not detailed and unclear. A letter of proof is required to specify the name and purpose of the goods.
2, the price of the declaration of goods is low. (suspicion of tax evasion)
3, the documents are not complete, such as the need for 3C certification or the need to process documents (automatic import license).
4, sensitive goods belong to articles prohibited or restricted by the state (similar cases can be ignored, relatively rare).
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