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Basic requirements for international express operation
Source:http://www1.gaosheng56.com/ Date:2018-04-09publisher:admin
Basic requirements for express operation
1. waybill requirements: detailed information on the sender, recipient information, number, weight, name, customs declaration value, etc. should be provided on the waybill. The name, address, postal code, telephone, fax, contact name and other information provided on the express waybill should be true and accurate, and the wrong address and telephone will affect the dispatch and transfer of the express.
1. special reminding:
A, in addition to the Middle East, generally does not accept the address of private postal box (P.O.BOX).
B, Hongkong and Taiwan can accept Chinese addresses. The recipients' information in other countries or regions must be written in English.
C and the US need to provide detailed information about the sender, and need detailed postal code, city information and so on.
2. the requirements of the invoice:
A, all package express shall be attached to the goods with four copies of the hair company's invoice. The invoice shall specify the information of the receipt, the sender, the name, the quantity, the origin, the unit price and the total price of the express, and the seal of the hair company. No invoice or invoice content is incomplete, which may affect Express Transfer timeliness.
The description of B and the name of goods should be specific, not too general or ambiguous. Please fill out the name in English. Special goods (strong professional items), please provide both Chinese and English names. Need to specify the exact textile material, clothing styles, types and quantity of mixed goods, please provide packing list.
C, if the sending customers send high value goods, please purchase insurance before shipment.
D, some countries declare value reference: Britain: more than USD20, may generate tariffs. The United States: below USD200, no tax is generated, and tariffs above USD200 may cause tariffs. Singapore: more than USD400, there may be a tariff. South Korea: more than USD60, there may be a tariff. Brazil: regardless of the value and the weight, the local customs must collect customs duties.
3. special certificate or customs clearance: if a company provides an effective quota, license, certificate of origin, certificate of origin, certificate of fumigation, and other documents issued by the administrative department of the government, the customer should notify our department in advance and use the document correctly to customs customs declaration to China and express parts to the national customs, and to use appropriate ways. Submit the document to our department.
Special reminder:
A, the goods sent to Philippines (PHILIPPINES) export economic development zone, require the recipient to have "Export Development Zone Import License (IP)", so that the imported goods can be duty-free, and this IP certificate must be presented before the arrival of the goods according to the regulations of the local customs, otherwise the express will be deemed to be the answer. Tax goods are charged and charged.
B, because some Indonesian customers have duty-free license for local imports, if importing Indonesia, it is necessary to clear customs clearance from the duty-free passage and provide local tax exemption documents for Indonesian customers so that our service providers can declare tax exemption procedures for customers, so that Indonesian customers can not pay import duties.
C, the goods packed with wood materials are sent to the United States and South Korea from Hongkong to the United States and South Korea. It is necessary to provide "proof of Hongkong pest control", that is, fumigating proof for the purpose of customs inspection. All goods that do not conform to the import regulations will be destroyed or returned by the local customs.
D, all parcels sent to Brazil by express way, the recipient's VAT (VAT val Added Tax) number in Brazil must be filled in on the waybill and commercial invoice.
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